Get a shoe thrown at me from a mean old man

In my new apartment complex there are several stray cats who wander about. They’re all pretty friendly and it looks like several people feed them and they look pretty healthy. The one exception is this medium-haired cat who is REALLY skinny, so much that you can feel all her bones when you pet her. The other cats seem able to take care of themselves but she looked like she was having a hard time, so I sort of took her in temporarily to get her up to snuff. Based on her behavior I think she used to belong to someone — she lets you pet her, climbs into your lap, and sleeps on the bed. She’s gentle enough and I think she’d make someone a good pet, so I’m making arrangements to take her to the local Humane Society and find a home for her (I’d consider keeping her myself but I already have two of my cats coming to live with me and I’d rather not stress them with moving AND dealing with a new cat in the house at the same time. Anyway, I’ve been calling this cat Music because she has a quiet little meow that’s cute. Here’s a pic.


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