Vegan reunion

In Vegas for the weekend pick up some stuff, and (having the most impact on my life in Vista) picking up two of my kitties to take home with me — Malachi and Parminder (Parmi).

It is really good to be around my cats again. The strays at my apt complex aren’t the same. I can tell my cats miss me, and I sure as hell miss them — I hadn’t seen them in three weeks, and that was the longest I’ve ever been away from them in years (or in the case of Malachi, Parmi, and Freyja, ever).
Tomorrow I leave early to drive home with two cats, and when I get there I need to collect Music (the semi-adopted stray) and take her to the local humane society for adoption. Then Keri’s going to come over and meet these two kitties for the first time (nobody from my family or pre-NY friends have met any of our current cats other than Trushie).

4 thoughts on “Vegan reunion

    • Doh! Meant to say Vegas, not Vegan. Was using a Qwerty keyboard to type (by memory) in Dvorak and didn’t notice the slip (N and S are adjacent in Dvorak).
      Dave, do I know you?
      Cat update: Malachi and Parmi are starting to adjust to the new place, tho they’re rather needy as they don’t have Willo and the other 2 cats around. Got Music into the carrier and to the Humane Society just before they closed, calling them today to get an update on her.

      • Cats in new places are fun – when my fiancee and I moved in together a year ago, we each brought a cat, so we had two cats that didn’t know each other in a new house. We thought it was going to be a disaster, but within a week, they were sleeping snuggled up together on the couch.

        Then we got a kitten…

        Dave, do I know you?

        Nope. I found your LJ after someone pointed out one of your RPG articles (A Theory About Peasants) to me, and you seemed interesting.

        I’m a sportswriter in Detroit who uses RPGs as a framework for writing fantasy fiction. I’m also an semi-professional photographer ( and a political activist and about to be a husband (May 19) and a homeowner (April 1).

      • Okay, I looked at your LJ page and saw your stuff and couldn’t place you in my memory, but then again half the people on my LJ friends list don’t use their real names or easily-identifiable pictures so I thought I’d ask. :)

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