Cats all good

Malachi and Parmi are adjusting well to their new home. Malachi has already found a small cabinet near the top of the fridge that he uses as his own private sleepy-space (Parmi’s not much of a jumper so she could never reach it), and Parmi likes to hide in the space inside the couch when I open it up to use the hide-a-bed. They both like the big windows and (I’m guessing) watching the stray cats who get on my porch for the food I leave out there.
Despite a late start out of Vegas on Sunday and daylight saving’s time, I managed to get home, get Music the Stray into a carrier and get her to the local no-kill Humane Society before they closed at 5pm Sunday. I called yesterday and she’s doing well, no medical problems that they can see, and I’m listed as a contact person if they have any questions or decide she’s unadoptable — I told them that if they don’t think they can place her I’ll take her back to live as a public can at my apartment complex like she was before, in which case I’ll take care of her whenever she comes by.
So good news for kitties times 3.


2 thoughts on “Cats all good

    • Yeah our digital camera was in Vegas cuz Willow wanted to get pics of her showgirl costumes. I now have the camera and can take pics of my tiny apartment. I also have 18 months’ worth of Malachi and Parmi pictures to post, and pics for our December kitty Freya. I’m a slacker. :)

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