Finally saw “300”

Saw 300 last night.

In any case, the movie was worth the wait: a 3 out of 3 on the Sean scale (meaning I’d definitely see it again and will probably buy it). If you like it, you know why I like it. If you don’t like it, I accept your nitpicks but also accept that it is a fictionalized account of the events and it makes good cinema even if it isn’t historically accurate. No, I never read the comics it’s based on, but I’d like to (I’ll probably borrow them from JD).

For you gamers out there in the mood for some Spartan gaming, why haven’t you picked up my book The New Argonauts yet? It’s all about playing in classical-era Greece (with some mythical stuff thrown in), and it’s free!


3 thoughts on “Finally saw “300”

  1. I’m not really into the idea of 300 – having it diverge from Herodotus and the comic book was apparently too much for my brain to handle – but the idea of low-magic, classical Greek gaming sounds incredibly appealing. Thanks for the pointer!

    • Played a session using TNA (that’s The New Argonauts… get your mind out of the gutter! :) ) in the hotel room at GenCon ’05 run by Varianor. Loads of fun. Would love to play in another greek game.

      I gave 300 a 2 on SKR’s scale. Glad I saw it, and might buy the DVD one day, but don’t recommend it to just anyone. While I loved Sin City and give it a 3, I would, as Monte said, call 300 a ballet of death. Not a lot of plot, but beautiful moving pictures (and annoying voiceovers that were unnecessary; they just pulled them out of the graphic novel from what I can tell).

  2. I was in that game and it was a blast.

    We also had a game at the local shop using Iron Heroes that was also a blast, but sadly did not last long.

    Loved the movie. Could have done without the “homefront” storyline, but whatevah.

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