2 thoughts on “Jewish Fertility Day 2007

  1. Haha, nice. I particularly like Eggthulu.

    I spent Easter being helpful, and moved a friend to his new, much larger, much better apartment. It took enormously longer than it should have because my friend Darryl was helping as well, and he and I can’t get together without being unproductive. ^_^

    On the other hand, I got to sample various liquors and have delicious pizza!


    • As a somewhat lapsed Jew, I caved in and painted eggs for the first time last year (well it was more watercolor than anything else). It was a great deal of fun. I didn’t do any painting this year, but I spent the holiday in Vilnius, Lithuania. I watched them hang the eggs in trees in front of churches. It’s an interesting place to spend Easter/Passover.

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