Monte- … er, Comic Con!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks.

[info]montecook was in town for the San Diego Comic Con, as was my friend Cindi Rice. Haven’t seen Monte since Gen Con Indy 2005, so that was a nice reunion as we’re good friends but strangely didn’t realize how close we were until after I moved to California. Spent just about every evening with Monte and/or [info]stannex[info]jediwiker[info]krenolds[info]savageplanet, and Cindi. As the SDCC was sold out on Saturday (and I work on Thu/Fri), I planned to go on Sunday, as I’m not super-into comics and a short day would be fine for me. Turns out that Sunday tickets sold out on Saturday, so we ended up playing games at Keri & JD’s (Keri’s blog has pics of Stan! and I playing Wii Boxing, fun!), which was fine, as I hear it was REALLY crowded at SDCC. Not to mention that I was really tired from going out every night, and Cindi was back pretty late from business meetings at SDCC every single night (she crashed at my place), so getting up early on Sunday would not have made me happy.
Mind you, I probably would have been able to go to SDCC if I had received the info that SDCC sent to UD about getting an industry-insider ticket. But I didn’t get that until about a week after the deadline. :/

Monte had never been to San Diego before and wanted to do something touristy, so we went to Sea World on Monday, which was fun. I haven’t been to SW since I left California, and I got some good pictures and had a nice day hanging out with my friends. So rather than a mediocre SDCC experience, I had a nice, fun, Monte-Con experience.


4 thoughts on “Monte- … er, Comic Con!

  1. Tickets?

    I always thought one of those fringe benefits of having your name plastered all over books that people read was that at the fanboy cult meetings…er, comic conventions…you could basically walk in and announce yourself for a free pass. I mean, it’s not like every convention I’ve been in hasn’t been so security absent that you couldn’t walk in without a ticket anyways?

    • Re: Tickets?

      I don’t have a fan following at Comic Con, I’m basically unknown there and have no clout to show up and get a free badge. Even at Gen Con, unless you’re actually working for the convention in some way, such as by being a featured guest and doing special publicity seminars, I don’t think it’s typical to just walk up and get a free badge — we preorder or pay on-site.

      I think only in Hollywood can you just show up and get in, and that’s only if they think your presence will add something to the event. If Brad Pitt shows up at a movie premier, they’ll let him in, but I don’t think the same goes for Pauly Shore, Corey Feldman, or the guy who played Urkel….

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