Seemed like a big problem at the time

Drove to Utah on Saturday to gather up Willow and her stuff. Very strong winds in California caused an accident ahead of me a couple hours short of Vegas, ended up delaying me an hour. This is a picture of me standing in the back of my sister’s truck, fully stopped on the freeway and waiting for things to get moving again.

(EDIT: Picture works now. ftp access keeps timing out and wouldn’t finish the upload, internet is slow overall this morning.)

Of course, a day later and we’re back in CA with all of Willow’s stuff, and the next morning there are fires all over San Diego and we (me/Willow/JD/Keri) may end up evacuating, Keri’s boss’ house 3-5 miles from here is in an evac area, so by comparison being stuck on my way to Utah is pleasant.

I’ll keep you informed here if the fire affects us.


18 thoughts on “Seemed like a big problem at the time

  1. Andrew isn’t in the evac area, he’s about 2 miles north of it, which means JD and I are about 3 miles north, and you’re about 4. Stan’s in the boonies, comparatively. The good news is that the winds are blowing almost directly west, so unless the winds suddenly change, we should be fine.

    I just heard on the news that the 4S Ranch in Rancho Bernardo is directly threatened, and my office building is right there. So there’s a chance I won’t have a place to work. Fortunately, Chase is the kind of company that they won’t lay off their employees when an emergency like this happens. After Katrina they had to close a call center, and they paid those employees for two months even though they weren’t working. They also guaranteed employment to those people, wherever they ended up.

  2. Still safe, haven’t had internet access since Monday afternoon, posting this from work (office was closed Tues). Ryan says we’re more likely to be put on the voluntary evac list soon but I haven’t heard anything on the news about that. As I lack internet, Jediwiker and Krenolds are better sources for current info.

      • Many people are here. Omeed and Jake aren’t. Nobody else I know by name is definitely out today (they could be out to lunch or telecommuting). Swapped stories, Erika evacuated with her cats on Monday but came back yesterday. Overall, looks like no major disasters.

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