When did I get old?

Yesterday morning I hurt my back. It’s on the left side just below my shoulder blade, some sort of muscle thing (not skeletal). Unfortunately, that particular muscle is used for at least half of my left arm motions, half of my back motions overall, and about a third of my right arm motions. Makes it hard to dress, reach, bend, all stuff that you take for granted.

That’s annoying, but the really annoying part is how I injured myself.

Completely randomly. While drying myself off after a shower. Everything normal, then YEEEK OW OW OW OW DON’T MOVE DON’T MOVE DON’T MOVE OW OW OW SIT DOWN wow much better.

I can understand hurting myself lifting something, or reaching too far or sleeping weird. But I was awake for an hour, no problems, and then when I’m drying my back this one spot freaks out.

This is a thing that happens to old men, not strapping young fellows like me. When did I get old?


8 thoughts on “When did I get old?

  1. I’ve hurt that muscle. I even did it once in Renton. While I was sleeping.

    So, don’t feel TOO old. At least you were conscious and moving when it happened.

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