Lose vs. Loose

For the love of god, people, don’t mix up these two words.

Unless you are deliberately writing in an archaic style, don’t use the words “loose” or “loosing.” The words you want to use are “lose” or “losing.”

If you strike the words “loose” and “loosing” from your vocabulary and always use “lose” and “losing” in their place, 99% of the time you’re going to be fine.

Just about the only time a typical person is going to want to use the word “loose” is in the context of “wow, my pants are loose.” And given America’s addiction to fast food, we know how rare that phrase is.

“Lose” or “losing” (and “loser”) … just one “o” in each, please.


12 thoughts on “Lose vs. Loose

  1. Er… but those are two seperate words with seperate (non-archaic) meanings. I mean, sure, don’t mix up the meanings, but we shouldn’t try to remove loose from our vocabulary, replacing all instances of them with lose and losing, you’ll end up with the wrong word most of the time.

    • I’m not talking to you, person who understand the difference between them, I’m talking to just about everyone else who doesn’t. ;)

      I see it all the time. :?/

      True, people shouldn’t remove “loose” from their vocabulary, but if they never typed it again it would mostly take care of the problem.

  2. Given the obesity problem in the US, it’d still be fairly appropriate for someone to say “wow, my pants are teh lose!”

    Also: preaching to the choir. Know which one really gets me? “Lend” vs “loan.” Lend being a verb, and loan being a noun – what gets me so much about it is that SO MANY FREAKING PEOPLE kept saying things like “can you LOAN me some money” that they actually stuck it in the dictionary. Along with “ginormous” and “ain’t.” *grumble* Enough people being wrong doesn’t make something right, in my opinion!

    • Eh, language is flexible. “Conversation” used to mean “have sex with” and later meant “to study” (as in “he’s having a conversation with his textbook”).

      Loose/lose is just homonym ignorance though.

  3. Let lose a volley of arrows and they’ll loose for sure. Probably safer to suggest that if people want to use loose, they find a synonym rather than use lose. Flexible morals, spare change, etc.

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