Ghostwalk, re-illustrated

A few weeks ago, Paizo got its hands on a box of Ghostwalk books, and Lisa (the boss) asked me if I’d sign them so we could sell them in the Paizo store. I brought a bunch to our Gen Con debrief meeting and, as I’m an overachiever, started doodling in each one. Next thing you know, it’s on the Paizo store that each one has a signature and a doodle….

Yesterday evening I was getting caught up on these things and my rotating desktop picture happened to be a cool photo of a poison arrow from (dendrobates histrionicus), so i decided to draw that in the book. One thing let to another, and this is what I ended up with (inset photo is the inspiration for the doodle).

Don’t expect this sort of effort on every doodle in the books, I went a little nutty here–most are going to be my typical hokey drawing skill (and not colored, either).


6 thoughts on “Ghostwalk, re-illustrated

  1. I LOVE this book. Was taking another look at it again today. I’m thinking about incorporating it into my Pathfinder game (the RPG, not the setting). Not sure if this question is a breach of protocol (being that Ghostwalk is a WotC product), but would you have any tips for converting it for use with the Pathfinder RPG?


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