Ghostwalk revisited #X

Yet another signed and doodled copy of Ghostwalk at the Paizo store. Like yesterday’s flumph, this one is another dumb-concept monster from the Fiend Folio, the carbuncle.

The carbuncle is an armadillo-like creature with a gem in its forehead and likes to join adventuring groups and use its telepathy to sow dissent or to attract other monsters to fight them. It has no sense of death and if you attack or capture it it simply wills itself to die.

The speech bubble is “I’m a carbuncle! Don’t scare me!” I guess I was conflating this monster with the fainting goats while I was (poorly) drawing this….

4 thoughts on “Ghostwalk revisited #X

    • Yay, indeed.

      While it was joyous (“Nilbogs!” and I’m waiting for Sean to illustrate the Tripheg.), I’d rank its use above the Wilderness and Dungeoneer Survival Guides (aka. “Non Weapon Proficiencies and a lot of stuff we don’t want to ever use.”)

      • I dunno. The Non-Weapon proficiencies were kinda interesting, if sort of clumsy, but I really liked Dungeoneer’s Survival Guide as an aid to imagination or something like that? As an idea book. I wonder if someone got the same value out of the Wilderness one.

        It’d probably be wrong to cheer for Blindheim or Khargra artwork, right?

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