A stressful day and night

Work is very busy, several projects are weeks behind because the designers turned over their manuscripts late.
A friend at work got laid off today.
Was at work late painting minis (not stressful in itself, but ate into my evening time).
Stopped by store to get chocolate chips to make cookies tonight for work tomorrow.
Got home, building fire alarm went off.
Encountered difficulties in wrangling 4 scared cats into 2 carriers.
Partially broke my bed moving it out of the way to reach one of the cats.
I hear people evacuating and fire trucks pulling up, and I still don’t have all the cats ready. And I smell smoke.
Cats in carriers, down stairwell, make it down 2 floors to the 5th floor before handle on one carrier breaks.
Picked up carrier under arm, this put stress on it and the door popped open. Fortunately no cats jumped out.
Stacked the two carriers, the now-damaged one started to break apart.
Paused on 2nd floor to adjust before I dropped them. Alarms stopped. People came back in. Apparently was small cooking fire on 2nd floor. Well done. Ha ha.
Back up to apartment, let cats out of carriers.
Spent an hour reassembling bed with extra screws so it wouldn’t fall apart again if I moved it.
So much for making cookies. :/


18 thoughts on “A stressful day and night

  1. Damn, dude, you’ve my full sympathy and kudos for saving the kitties. You’d be surprised at how many folk either 1) forget, 2) error on the side of apathy in thinking nothin’ is gonna happen, or 3) just aren’t that considerate.

    You’re definitely a good companion for them to have in their lives, although I’m sure they feel that you waste much time dealing with things that aren’t directly them. ;)

    Sorry about the work stress, too, and best wishes on things turning out for the best, soon. I’d offer help, but I’m sure we’d just be an inverted Jay and Silent Bob, with you all quite and superior, and me all ranting, raving, and cursing. Plus, well, I’m the short chunky one and you’re not. :D

    Seriously, though, I hope things get better.

      • I feel you there, brother.

        I love my 3 cats and two dogs, even if, at times, they’re prone to some of the most vile oddities I’ve ever seen in anyone animal, but I love them and they love me, so it’s all good in the end.

        Heck, I’m more prone to get alone with and like an animal than I am random folk, as sad as that is, since there is often less guile in an animal than a person.

        It’s tempting, though, but I’d never leave the Horde behind, either. ;)

  2. Ugh.

    Sounds like a crappy suck-day.

    Terrible news about the layoff; I like everyone at Paizo (that I know, anyway).

    Sorry you and the cats had to do the whole evacuation thing, but I’m kind of happy it was just a false alarm. No moving for Sean!

    • Yes, it makes me appreciate my proximity to the fire department more. Yes, their sirens annoy me as they pass my building (and as I’m right across campus, it’s a fairly busy street for emergency vehicles), but I’d rather have them be loud and timely than quiet and too late. :/

  3. Wow! You could write a comedy sketch based on that. Sorry it happened to you, but man I can see it happening. Glad you and the cats are okay. Sorry about your friend getting laid off.

      • Now, depending on the tone of voice, the person giving the statement, and perhaps the tip of a coy pinky touching their lips, that statement could have a whole new, awesome vibe to it.

        Of course, I’m just trying to inject humor from the early morning Dews I just imbued. :D

  4. If my past experience with you and apartment building fires is any indication, you should be VERY CAREFUL standing up near countertops over the next few days, Sean … or maybe you should simply wear a protective helmet just in case. ;^)

    The odd thing is, just the other day I was just telling Hyrum about the Weekend of Fire & Blood. Ahhh, good times.

    • I think the fire+head wound only happens when you’re around, Stan!

      And re: your last statement, the Law of Suspicious Coincidences means that this fire alarm was YOUR FAULT! RAWR!!!

  5. My boss’ brother just got laid off (he’s in CA too). He found out by sending him an email and getting an automated response saying he doesn’t work there any more.

    Meanwhile, I have lots of time to read blogs these days… way too much…

    * Ignores handwriting on wall *

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