Ghostwalk Revisited #X

Another doodle in a signed and doodled copy of Ghostwalk at the Paizo store. I wanted to draw the Wand of Orcus, but it’s just a rod of obsidian (black volcanic glass) capped by a human skull, so there isn’t a lot you can do with it, visually. So I added the pointillized outline of some demon. If I had planned ahead I woulda made curved ram horns like Orcus, but instead I get pointy goat horns, or perhaps a cameo by the Donnie Darko rabbit….


One thought on “Ghostwalk Revisited #X

  1. So, I looked at the picture, before reading the text, and I thought I was gonna point out something witty, until I noticed that you already noted my supposed discovery, so I thought I’d just post this, instead. :D

    By the way, Orcus has always been one of my favorite baddies to use, I’ve even used him in a oWoD game I ran, which had a mix of vamps, weres, and mages in it who were only expecting to have to deal with cultists, not what they worshiped. :D

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