Mr. African Badass

I’m catching up on the Paizo board thread about revising the animal companion rules (which I had something to do with), and someone linked this picture.



5 thoughts on “Mr. African Badass

  1. If they made a movie about Samuel L. Jackson, I’d put that guy in the running to play him. ;)

    Seriously, though, even the guys on the motorcycle gave him a wide berth, all while watching out for him and his friend.

  2. on BoingBoing has a little of the backstory but the links no longer work. As far as I can remember, the group of people basically clued in that having hyenas and baboons was a spiffy gimmick. There’s also a group of Ethiopian guys who basically have a tourist thing set up where they feed the local hyenas, etc. They’re much more tractable animals than you’d think at first apparently.

    But yeah. That’s definitely several levels worth of ranger.

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