I know people, but I don’t know PEOPLE

Yeah, I’ve hung out with the Barenaked Ladies. And when I say “I’m friends with the owner of Saffron” (for which I have to thank Wendy and Marc), I mean when I show up he picks out a special table for me and my guests.

But I don’t know people the way that Pierce Watters knows people. Pierce is a consultant here at Paizo, he’s been in book and magazine publishing for years. I’ve known him from the TSR days. And chatting with him today he mentions off-hand, “I’m having dinner with Michael Moorcock next week.”

Now that is knowing people. :)

4 thoughts on “I know people, but I don’t know PEOPLE

  1. Very cool, very cool indeed, and I know what you mean, too, with respects to knowing people and /knowing/ people.

    I chit-chat with game designers, developers, and publishers all the time, in that general and odd way that the internet empowers, but there is knowing you all and /knowing/ you all. Thus, it is funny when someone called me a celebrity game designer the other day, which I instantly told them that I’m a celebrity game designer in the same way that the non-trainwreck pre-eliminated American Idol contestants are celebrities. Sure, they’ve been on TV, sang, and were rejected, but they didn’t become real famous, or act like a trainwreck. ;)

    I’ve talked with famous celebrity game designers, be it my years of correspondence with Gygax, which included a failed project (I had to drop out), as well as my talking with folks like you, Sean, or Wolfgang, Monte, and so forth. *chuckles* Maybe I’m just a William Miller to all of you all’s Stillwater, you know, almost famous, but not famous. ;)

    Anyhow, back on track, you can tell Pierce that there are quite a few jealous folks, of which I’m one, with respects to his dinner next week. Lucky git.

  2. People

    Hey Sean, if you show up at my place you can have your pick of table (sic). Just tip the Maitre d’Chat. The press release hasn’t gone out yet, but I am no longer a consultant but now Director of Sales for Paizo.


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