You know, I wrote a book about that…

Working at a real game company again, and being a person who’s written a lot of game books, there are times where stuff I’ve written comes up in conversation … usually brought up by me, in response to some discussion about a current or future product. It happens often enough that now it’s sort of a running joke at Paizo, in that whenever join a conversation with some extra bit of info, the typical response is, “You know, Sean wrote a book about that,” usually in a mocking manner.

I’m going to try to keep track of these in the future, perhaps here or twitter. But just as an example, here are example things I “wrote a book about” (some of which I did actually write a book about):

the French
fantasy racism
being snarky in livejournal replies
cuttin ya
multiple personalities

Sadly, I can’t remember most of the funny/timely ones. So I have to be more diligent about saving them.


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