Ghostwalk Revisited #X, aka Holiday Beardcake, aka Paizo pin-up controversy

The debate is still raging about the Seoni holiday pinup controversy that I mentioned earlier. In the spirit of fairness, I decided to sign and doodle in a copy of Ghostwalk at the Paizo store showing the Paizo iconic dwarf ranger, Harsk, in a pose and setting very similar to Seoni’s pose.

Is this sexist against men? Exploitive of men? Racist against dwarves? Fostering of poor body image, anorexia, and bulimia in young gamer males? You be the judge.

10 thoughts on “Ghostwalk Revisited #X, aka Holiday Beardcake, aka Paizo pin-up controversy

  1. Nah, although it does have me wondering if you’ve a secreted webcam somewhere in my house, as I’ve been letting my hair and beard grown out, again. *chuckles*

    • Exactly, like most experiences in life, it is what you take out of it that generates, or does not generate, offense.

      The only exception to this, in general, is when someone forces their focused will, be it physical or mental, onto someone else, against their own will, with obvious negative intent. I.E. assault, harassment, theft, et al.

      Often I think people seem to like to pursue thought crime and future crime a lot more than they do real crime.


        I am offended by your example, but that example is NOT offensive.

        You can’t say some actions are offensive. They aren’t. Immoral? Yes. But I am offended by immoral actions. (And rightly so, I think.)

      • That’s all good, since all of you are perception of my daily life, thus potentially delusions, so I’ll take it all with a grain of salt, which will most likely be one of the grains used to deice my driveway. ;)

        But, I think it best we avoid existentialism, or else it’ll all get way out of hand. *grins*

    • Heh, well the Harks Edition is still at my desk, so I don’t think you’re the “lucky” person to get it. Unless you WANT it, in which case I suppose I could walk it down to the warehouse….

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