other sources of ioun stones?

Anyone happen to know of any d20 sourcebooks that have new ioun stones?

Edit: I need ones that are Open using the OGL.


13 thoughts on “other sources of ioun stones?

  1. Hop into your LJ off topic on more time, just wanted to let you know that I got my Maow Monster Dice today that I’d ordered from http://www.gamedaze.com/monster-dice-set.aspx

    I’ll probably post pics to Flickr and Live Journal just to give folks an idea what they look like, scale etc. I don’t have any paints right now so it will be at least a few weeks before I paint any of them.

    Safe travels, and forgive the intrusion,


  2. OGL sources:
    Kobold Quarterly #6 (15 ioun stones)
    17 Relics by The Le Press (1 ioun stone)
    Dungeon Master’s Guide v3.5 (16 ioun stones)
    Expanded Psionics Handbook (2 ioun stones)

    Non-OGL 3E sources
    Lords of Darkness (18 ioun stones)

    Pre-3E convertable sources
    Encyclopedia Magica Vol. II (35 ioun stones)
    Dragon Magazine #174 (27 ioun stones)

    Non-OGL 4E sources
    Player’s Handbook (1 ioun stone)
    Adventurer’s Vault (2 ioun stones)

    Somewhat complete list here.

    • BTW in response to your LJ entry about them, ioun stones come from Jack Vance’s Dying Earth series. At some point the protagonists travel to an ancient planet on the edge of the habitable part of the universe (as in, “if you go beyond this, you succumb to something like spiritual heat death”). There are ruins of an ancient civilization there, and the stones are apparently artifacts of that civ or natural stones imbued with powers from their weird environment.

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