Non-Newtonian fluids are cool

NNF pour like liquids but act like a solid when you put force on them. This means you can run across a pool of it, but you’ll sink into it like mud if you slow or stop.

Also, it reacts very neatly to the vibrations from a speaker.

It’s just corn starch and water. Ain’t science cool?

P.S. People who do not believe in evolution are not allowed to enjoy the fun science of these videos. :)

5 thoughts on “Non-Newtonian fluids are cool

  1. Evolution is not a beleif it is scientific fact:)

    Even if you do not beleive in gravity it still affects you:)

    But IF someone did not beleive in evolution they would just make up their own science as to how the NNF worked :)

  2. I’ve seen the second video before, but I never tire of watching it. It is always cool.

    And now I can say I’ve seen someone walking on water. Okay water and corn starch, but it counts!

  3. Of course you know that it’s REALLY just fluid dancing to the joy of God, right?

    It’s okay, you can enjoy it anyway, even if you fail to undertsand the significance of Jesus Water.

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