PETA again shows they are idiots…

by criticizing Obama for killing a fly.

Really? Really?


HuffPo link


12 thoughts on “PETA again shows they are idiots…

  1. hey, that fly could’ve been a 6th level ranger fly destined to defeat demogorgon and save the world from the vile machinations of orcus and his vampire army.

    now we’re hosed.

  2. Actually, while I’m not always a fan of PETA, this is a case of the media making a mountain out of a molehill. PETA didn’t officially have a statement on the matter until a bunch of media folks badgered them for a response, at which point they said “the president isn’t the Buddha, and shouldn’t be expected to do everything right.” All the other quotes in that article are taken more or less out of context. Check it:

    Shame on the Huffington Post, not PETA… this is up there with “Mustardgate.” When even PETA thinks you’re overreacting, you can bet you’ve gone off the deep end. :P

  3. So according to PETA, we should just buck up and tolerate all the diseases flies carry? What about the millions that die every year from mosquito-transmitted diseases? Maybe the board of PETA should engage their brains before making public pronouncements. Like maybe worry about all the millions of homeless pets in the US that are immediate danger of euthanasia because of severe funding cuts for pet shelters nationwide?

    • Where is PETA now when Collier County may have to dramatically cut back, or even eliminate, pet adoptions and start euthanizing an even greater percentage of homeless/lost pets. What about all the lost, missing, and abandoned pets when Hurricane Charlie tore though Charlotte county 5+ years ago? Where was PETA then?

      Oh yeah, they are too busy protesting Father’s day fishing with dad.

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