I want this!

USB flash drive that transforms into … Ravage the Transformer!


7 thoughts on “I want this!

  1. I think you’d do better (and pay less too) for the Transformers Universe Hound + Ravage pack. Hound transformers from Jeep into an anthromorphic robot, but the Ravage he is packed with is pretty awesome. Or you can wait till the big TF2 movie rolls out in a month and pick up the new Ravage (although he is cyclopian and looks like he has a little porcupine in his family tree somewhere).

    Besides you seem to be pretty handy, you could probably convert a regular ravage yourself into one with a USB drive. Just a little patience, a Dremel tool, and some planning. :)

      • Nah, make it work to your advantage…

        Back in the days of yore (post-fire but still pre-wheel), there was a little kid (6 or 7) that used to visit (aka get dropped off by his parents) his grandparents next door about twice a month. He never seemed to have anybody to play with, and nobody seemed seemed to bother bringing any toys with him (or leaving any there).

        So being stupid and naive and having no idea how creepy it would seem today, I made him some toys. I was a lone (still boy) teenager with access to a shop full of power tools (and fairly handy at them), plenty of scrap lumber, and an overwhelming need to keep busy. So he ended up with a speedboad, a car, couple trucks, a boat, and I can’t remember what else. Unfortunately, his older cousin was one of my classmates. He (older cousin) thought that it was great and nice; I just was crawl-under-a-rock-and-die embarassed as hell. However, a couple female classmates overheard, and then they told two people,… and suddenly I was getting a frightening (for me) amount of female attention.

        So, first you start modifying Ravages, then you get the Power, and then you get the women!

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