Seattle Pride Parade

Seattle Pride Parade was this morning. Except at 11am, not 9am like Wes (wesschneider) thought it was. Silly Wes!

Our group was Wes, Jeremy (jfrog78), Matt and Helen Sernett, Russ, and three friends of Russ’s who I didn’t know before today (Patrick, Kaylyn, and Chris). We picked out a good spot, technically before the starting location of the parade, right where the Dykes on Bikes® had their motorcycles parked before they rolled out to lead the parade, so we got an early view of the entire event. I only took a picture of the pipes and drums (you know, with the bagpipes and all that) because my dad is into that stuff, but Wes apparently took many pictures and if he doesn’t share them later, I will… including some of me crossing the street, covered in loot, looking like I’m part of the parade. :)

It was a good time. Good to see people out supporting the GLBT community, including many progressive politicians and gay-friendly churches.

Afterwards we went to Rock Bottom for some food and I had some excellent nachos with beans, cheese, chiles, guac, and salsa.

My loot from the parade includes:
A Washington Mutual yo-yo that lights up when you spin it
several colors of Mardi Gras beads, including a set from Chipotle in the shape of little chilis
some kind of fruit/nutrition bar, I think from Odwalla (I ate it and don’t have the wrapper)
a dark chocolate flavored protein bar from ThinkProducts (mmm, delicious maltitol…)
a black bandana from Macy’s with a rainbow border, which I wore on my head or around my neck much of the day
tons of stickers from various organizations and groups, most of which ended up on my shirt, though I nabbed an extra Rat City Rollergirls sticker for Jeff Alvarez at work
some organic soap and lotion from Dr. Bronner
magnets and temporary tattoos from various organizations and groups
a fluorescent orange pencil from Safe Schools
a couple of those flexible rubber bracelets from some local pro-gay churches
condoms (one of which is extra large, very flattering, thank you)
some Via instant coffee from Starbucks (guess I gotta find someone who can use that)
a playlist from Balagan Theatre with some stuff that looks interesting

There were a lot of groups participating in the parade, I’ll just link to the official list. Some were simple, some were sedate, some were flamboyant, some had some really hot girls (some of whom may have been straight). There were a few roamers that weren’t part of any group, the most memorable were the two guys on rollerskates dressed as Batman and Robin, and by “dressed” I mean “they had masks, speedos, and capes”–a cool them and they were in really good shape and actually made me feel scrawny and flabby every time they passed by. :p

I’m really glad I brought my backpack, both to carry my swag (the stuff I wasn’t wearing, at least) and for my couch pillow, as it meant I could sit on my backpack for the duration of the parade and not have to deal with the cold concrete.

Overall, it was a good parade, good company, I’m glad I went, and glad I was able to show some support for the GLBT community.

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