3 thoughts on “Street cobbler or steampunk genius?

  1. That’s because National Geographic is weird and the URL for their picture of the day changes whether it’s the *current* POTD or if it’s a previous one. I try to grab a real URL for it but sometimes (like today) they change it (usually from something like /picture-of-the-day.html to /street-cobbler-mongolia.html). I’m gonna change my original post here because this is one of the times where the URL changed.

    I’d link directly to the image but odds are the URL for that would change in a similar fashion.

    This is actually why I usually wait until the day after it posts to put up a link because when it’s no longer the current POTD, it has a stable URL.

    But if my link is bad because of their updates you can always use the actual POTD link and just page backwards using their Previous link.

    Ok gonna revise the OP now.

  2. Never mind, it must be something weird on your end because the current URL is the one I posted. Here’s a link to the actual image for you: link

    FYI I like to link to their page instead of the actual image because their page has the description of the photo and often lets you select different sizes for wallpapers. But I’ll try to remember to also include an image-only link for you and anyone else who is having this weird problem.

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