bending at the knees for love

An amusing video from a really cute Asian chick from Sydney. She’s a geek and also likes Star Trek.

12 thoughts on “bending at the knees for love

      • Huh. Well, okay then. I’d have gone with telepathy, flight or invisibility myself, but if interniscience is your power, I’ll admit you’re good at it.

      • Clearly you didn’t hear that on the first day of PaizoCon I passed out while driving, drove off the road, crashed into some trees bordering a wetland area, and there wasn’t a scratch on me….

      • Good grief Sean, no I -didn’t- hear that. I’d ask if you were okay, but that’s clearly the whole point of the story.

        Given that, are your employers going to risk sending you all the way to Gen Con?

      • Yes, because I have learned a valuable lesson: when caffeine is causing your suptraventricular tachycardia to give you heart palpitations, DO NOT take your pulse at your neck and press too hard on the vagus nerve, it can cause a sudden drop in blood pressure which, combined with a rapid heart rate, can knock you out.

        In other words, I Spocked myself like a true nerd dumbass. :)

        So there’s no risk for me traveling anywhere as long as I don’t press hard on my neck while trying to take my pulse. :p

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