10 thoughts on “Make yourself a superhero!

      • Yeah, I’ve used the COH character maker in the past to represent NPCs and whatnot, but that involves screenshots and more manipulation than it was worth to me.

      • You know what negative levels are, yes? They’re a soul-draining penalty that affects your character for a long time and aren’t easy to overcome.

        Yep, I played WOW for almost four years, and what do I have to show for it? A couple level 80 characters and a three-year gap where I didn’t socialize with RL people or produce any books. :/

      • Sure, I get that. But how is that different from any other video game?

        It’s the curse of gamers that we have obsessive personalities and tend to lose ourselves in such things, I’m afraid. :\

        Grats on kicking the WoW habit, though. ;)

      • I’ve never obsessively played ANY other game (not even D&D) every night of the week for three years straight. Yeah, I’ve played some games until the sun came up… but WOW was just too much. I quit this time last year, eventually came back when a friend asked me to, but I got bored with it again and quit again… and deleted all my software. I don’t need to replace one MMO problem with another one. ;)

      • Ah, I see. It’s a matter of degrees, then. Well then I guess it’s good that you’ve kicked the entire MMO habit. I’ll not pressure you into backsliding anymore… today. >;D

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