How I Met Jodi: Gen Con Haikus

Here’s the haiku version of the “How I Met Jodi” story. :)

At Gen Con 09
I gave her an item card.
“Come back tomorrow.”

Lucky me, she did!
More cards, plus my phone number.
“Call me any time.”

She called on Sunday.
“After the show, let’s go out.”
Dinner was the best.

Hyatt lobby chairs.
Three hours of awesome chatting.
And there was a kiss.

Now she’s my girlfriend
And I’ll be seeing her soon.
Best Gen Con ever.

15 thoughts on “How I Met Jodi: Gen Con Haikus

  1. Oh my goodness, you are so smitten.

    She doesn’t know about your LJ does she? I’m sure she’s pure of heart now, but once she realizes she has absolute power over you… MWAH-HA-HA-HA!

    Be sure to cook some good vegan/veggie food for her… even simple stuff prepared from scratch is always a great way to make a good impression.

    And why am I giving YOU dating advice?! I’m practically a plain-clothes nun at this point.

      • Both the French “ure” and Greek “hora” from which it is derived, indicate TWO syllables! As does actual pronunciation, given the limitations of the human tongue. If you pronounce it as one syllable then you’re really saying “ars” which is Latin for “art” and not a measurement of time at all.

        Oh look, a nit! I should pick that…

      • Then you must be incapable of speaking English, because the vast majority of modern English is derived from either Latin (by way of Middle French > Norman French > Middle English) or Greek.

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