DERF, that’s what’s happenin’!

Back at Upper Deck, the entertainment division had a goofy habit of “derfing” people. When a co-worker steps away from his computer without engaging the password-protection screensaver, you sneak over there, open his mail program, and send out a message to the entire department saying “I AM A DERF!” Then everyone replies to your co-worker and makes fun of them. It’s fun!

So once I started at Paizo, I looked for opportunities to do this to other people.

Unfortunately, most people at Paizo hit their screensaver when they get up from the computer.

Fortunately, Jason Bulmahn is not one of those people; it’s usually a couple minutes before his screensaver kicks in automatically. This means I’ve derfed him several times in the past year. Today, I really outdid myself.

Monday night, I searched the web to find a still image from the old Schoolhouse Rock cartoon about verbs. And then I changed it from saying “Verb, That’s What’s Happenin’,” to… well, to this:

And today when I found out that Jason wasn’t at his computer, I copied this image from my thumb drive to his computer, set his desktop to that image, and sent the image from his email account to other people at Paizo with the message “DERF! That’s what’s happenin’!”

Step 1 of the fun was when my Paizo peeps replied to him about it.

Step 2 was when he closed or hid his programs and saw that it was also his desktop.


So in the spirit of a good derf, I salute you, Jason! Ya big derf! :)


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