Litko’s invisible character markers

Ok, charged up my camera battery yesterday and took some pics today.

Short summary: These are ten different transparent acrylic 2D representations of some typical RPG characters and monsters, each with a separate circular base so you can mount them upright. They’re in scale with 28mm minis. The set includes a rogue, archer, sword-and-shield guy, spellcaster with a book, dwarf with hammer and shield, reptilian humanoid, priest with mace and holy symbol, gnome with sword, halfling with dagger, and horned fiend with spear. There are etched lines on the surface of the characters to clarify some details (the strap of the archer’s quiver, the edge of the fighter’s shield and the mage’s spellbook, and so on).

Assembly was pretty easy… they generally don’t snap together, you need to glue them with super glue, but the surfaces are flat and each character has a little tab at the bottom that fits into a little hole in the base (I only had one that was too tight to fit easily, so I filed it down a little bit to fit). Because of the super glue, some of them have a little bit of “ghosting” on them rather than being fully transparent, but it helps make them a little more visible on the tabletop.

They’re pretty sturdy, hard plastic that’s slightly flexible. I wouldn’t want to step on one, and I accidentally snapped off one of the rogue’s blades during assembly but I was able to glue it back on without any trouble.

Everyone that’s seen them in person has said, “Those are really neat!,” and I think if Jason’s character in our Sandpoint game learns the invisibility spell we’ll see these getting a lot of use.

The edges pick up enough reflections and environment detail that they’re apparently on the tabletop, yet recognizable as representing an invisible character. Here are some close and far shots on a Paizo flip-mat (Darklands, if you’re curious).

$10 for 10 tokens, plus shipping. Pretty good deal for a clever game item! Available from the the Litko website.


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