two douchebags in my town

twitpic link, pic taken with my phone

I saw them across the street as I was walking to my car. Their signs show Obama with a Hitler moustache and ask “Is this your president?”

So I walked over there.

I told them that I have friends whose relatives died in the Holocaust, and that comparing Obama to Hitler was offensive and an insult to everyone who died because of Hitler, and they should be ashamed of themselves. They had no response to that. I walked away, then turned around, grabbed my phone, and said, “Smile!,” which gave us this picture.

I was very angry.

So when I drove by a few minutes later, I stopped at the red light by them and took a pic with my digital camera for some high-resolution memories. Roofie McDateRape was still there, Glasses Boy was nowhere to be found (maybe my comments, but a new guy, Chuckie McChildMolester, had taken his place. I’ll post that photo when I get home.

Nothing makes you look more like an ignorant f-hole than comparing someone you dislike to Hitler. It’s not reasonable discourse, it doesn’t make anyone inclined to hear your side of the argument, it’s just designed to make people scared and angry (which it accomplished).


31 thoughts on “two douchebags in my town

  1. I’m probably going to get a lot of flak for saying this, but Obama has been using a number of methods from Hitler’s playbook. “Change” as a campaign slogan is not new.

    Don’t consider it an insult to holocaust victims. It may be more apt to consider it a warning to us against becoming victims to another one.


    • Out of curiosity, why is “change” as a campaign slogan automatically and immediately associated with Hitler? As an immediate corollary, why assume that Obama took it from Hitler’s book?

      • I googled “Change” hitler campaign and the first 6 hits were topics on Obama, before I got to any that were actually for Hitler.

        But read my next reply below.

    • Yes, you will receive a lot of flak for saying that, because there’s nothing about the comparison that is appropriate, relevant, or especially intelligent. The flak is deserved. I sense a little bit of the old “I’m just saying it like I see it here–don’t kill the messenger” about your post; it attempts to excuse ignorant or provocative behavior and statements with assumed moral and intellectual superiority. Fifteen minutes in a room with a Holocaust survivor will show you exactly how inappropriate and unreasonable such a comparison is by any measure at all.

      I don’t see President Obama looking to blame all of America’s problems on the Jews. I don’t see him looking for a Final Solution the primary tool of which is genocide. To suggest there’s any similarity between the twentieth century’s greatest monster and the current American president is absurd in the extreme and, yes, offensive.

      • I think the name of our current president would make little difference (unless it included Ron and Paul) to our current events. Obama just happens to be the guy in the office when the most pressure is being placed on the cabal. They’re pulling out all the stops in an attempt to retain the power they currently believe they have.

        From how current events are playing out, it seems to me that Benjamin Fulford’s plan is coming to fruition as described in

        This is a recent video showing that more pressure is on

        And here’s the latest blow against the Federal Reserve:

        But back to genocide, that program was started before Obama, usually referred as “FEMA Cattle cars.” From what I’ve gathered, when an Army base is shut down (BRAK), they turn the barbed wire inwards. Instant Camp, just add political enemies.

        But this is all “conspiracy theory” stuff, so it can’t be true.


      • “But back to genocide, that program was started before Obama, usually referred as “FEMA Cattle cars.” From what I’ve gathered, when an Army base is shut down (BRAK), they turn the barbed wire inwards. Instant Camp, just add political enemies.”

        Wow. The amount of wrong in this paragraph is just awesome. The post in general is full of it, but really, this is just great.

      • Oh, now I see. It’s not an attempt to excuse ignorant or provocative behavior and statements with assumed moral and intellectual superiority. It’s an honest-to-God conviction that the Illuminati and the Bilderberg Group are running everything and that The New World Order is just around the corner. Man, I used to edit books by guys like you and actually got paid for it–paid really, really well. I know who was ripped off and it sure wasn’t me.

        I’m stepping out of this conversation now. You either really believe this crap, or you’re polishing your troll fu. Either way, it’s a waste of time. Entertaining–slightly alarming–but a waste of time.

      • I don’t wish to argue over this either. I respect your position.

        The NWO may be “just around the corner,” but the Ming Chinese have a big bat and are beating them up.


  2. Godwin’s Law in action.

    Just left a lot of that behind moving out of the Deep South, found more of it here in Ohio. Probably the same folks that were screaming support for Bush while New Orleans drowned. feh.

  3. I kinda feel that these types would be pulling the same stuff no matter who the president was, and no matter what policies the president proposed… well, as long as the president in question was a Democrat.

    After eight years of sleaze so uncomfortably close to stuff the actual Third Reich pulled, comparing our (Black, with very outspoken Jewish, female, pacifist and Queer supporters) president to Hitler (about health care issues?) is so painfully, obviously absurd. It’d be really dumb if the president were Biden or Clinton; it’s really really really dumb now. The real benefit of freedom of speech…

    (Sheesh. At my most anti-Obama moments, I’d compare him to LBJ – and that’s not even all that insulting!)

    • Maybe twitpic didn’t like me doing a direct link to the image, as it wasn’t working for me when I checked it a min ago. I’ve changed it to a link to the twitpic page hosting the image and that seems to work now.

  4. I really hate the Obama/Bush/Hitler campaigns they completely polarize people and prevent honest discussion. The U.S. (no matter the party running the country at a given time) is not going to be involved in genocide and concentration camps but any rational discussion gets derailed right there in the holocaust when Hitler is invoked.

    The idea that Bush-Nazi comments are somehow more acceptable because of the Bush administration’s affiliation with big business bugs me. Like Obama (or not) his administration has done more to tie the government to major corporations than I find comfortable: Banks, car companies, and very close ties to GE comes to mind.

    Sometimes it seems like Bush and Obama have more in common than either side would like but comparing either one to Hitler is reprehensible.

  5. Not to be contrary, but . . .

    Not to be contrary, but isn’t comparing guys with offensive signs to date rapists and child molesters offensive and an insult to everyone who’s been a victim of date rape or child molestation?

    • Re: Not to be contrary, but . . .

      No, it isn’t, I’m afraid. There are enough similarities amongst publicized cases of child molestation and date rape that certain stereotypes have begun to stand out.

      • Re: Not to be contrary, but . . .

        And Hitler was also elected, so that’s a similarity that stands out. The thing is, it’s a meaningless similarity, so the comparison is specious.

      • Re: Not to be contrary, but . . .

        If anything, then, Sean’s comments were insensitive toward people who share the “stereotypical” traits of child molestors or date rapists, rather than their victims.

      • Re: Not to be contrary, but . . .

        Hmm. “Some guy held up a sign I didn’t like. That was comparable to that time you got raped.” Seems a little insensitive to me.

      • Re: Not to be contrary, but . . .

        The point was less about taking it seriously than about thinking it’s funny that he’s comparing guys who are holding a sign he doesn’t like to rapists and child molesters as a means of bitching about their comparing Obama to Hitler.

      • Re: Not to be contrary, but . . .

        Who’s comparing? Those ARE their names! I asked them and those are the names they gave….

        Seriously, though, there’s a difference between comparing Obama to Hitler because you’re an offensive idiot who doesn’t know the difference between socialism and fascism, and comparing a couple of people to a rapist and a child molester because you’re a jerk and they LOOK like a rapist and child molester.

      • Re: Not to be contrary, but . . .

        Right, I get that. I’m saying you’re taking namecalling too seriously. Sean didn’t say that these guys were -actually- date-rapists and child molestors. The LaRouche-ites *are* saying that Obama’s policies make him akin to a fascist.

      • Re: Not to be contrary, but . . .

        How seriously am I taking it? I’m commenting in a blog comment thread. I don’t care that Sean called them date-rapists and child molesters, I just think it’s funny in the context.

      • Re: Not to be contrary, but . . .

        Very mildly, maybe — about the same as I am by the Hitler signs — it’s kind of tacky and distasteful, but not really important. It only merited a comment because of the funny context.

  6. Ahh, the LaRouchies. On my vacation to Seattle recently, I encountered a team of four of them, two to a table on two sides of an intersection on University Way (which, as you can imagine, is one of the local centers for Impressionable Young College Students.) I had a great time calling them out. I walked over, saying “Okay, what’s your deal?”

    Making it clear I was fairly hostile to their idea. The one guy, to his credit, tried (in his sad, inbred way) to present his case. “The nation is disintegrating,” he said in a completely dispassionate, I-read-slowly tone. He presented me with a pamphlet, proudly displaying a graph that literally purported to show the “state of disintegration” of America, with a scary, jagged line plunging down into some dark, dystopian future of universalized healthcare and economic fairness.

    He attempted, clumsily, to do the push-the-pamphlet-into-your-target’s-chest thing, hoping I’d take it. I declared I didn’t want it, that I wanted the five minute summary. His friend (who looks -remarkably- like the one in your picture whom, I assume, is Roofie McDateRape, weirdly. Same guy? All robo-douchebags look alike? I dunno. A mystery.) declares “We’re not talking to you anymore.” I said, “You weren’t talking to me to begin with,” and went on my way, taking care to loudly and theatrically laugh at them as I went. I crossed the street, discovered that there was the second table, offensive toothbrush-moustached Obama picture and all, and proceeded to (probably completely randomly, to the second table’s partisans) laugh hysterically at them as well. A great time was had by all.

    Incidentally, referred me to your journal. This isn’t just out of the blue. I ran a short-lived Dragonstar game on the Paizo boards as well. Hi.

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