7 thoughts on “Planescape Torment is Wikipedia’s featured article!

    • Totally, absolutely agreed. Unfortunately the people who made it seemed to forget the things that made it so good in every subsequent game they’ve made.

      I really need to dig the CDs out and give it a try again, if I can get it working on Windows 7.

      • I dunno. Baldur’s Gate 2 was nearly as good, although obviously in a much more traditional fantasy setting that was, on the whole, less interesting to me. But yeah, most of Bioware’s other games since then have been, while good, not nearly as crazy-good as Torment was.

        I totally blame it on Planescape. Killing off that setting is still, I think, the greatest of 4E’s sins. *L*

      • Bioware games have been fantastic. (Especially the recent Dragon Age.) Planescape Torrent wasn’t made by Bioware, though. It was made by Black Isle, who later became Obsidian. They’ve made most of the sequels to Bioware games, but none of them have been very good even compared to the games they were sequels of, let alone PT. The people behind Icewind Dale I and II, KoTR 2, NWN 2… see what I mean? None of them could hold a candle to PT.

      • Half of the Manual of the Planes was basically a Planescape campaign setting, though admittedly without a lot of the particular sensibility of the setting. Still, there wasn’t much you needed to do in the way of conversion in order to play a Planescape game in 3E; it was just a matter of how you described the Great Wheel.

        4E, meanwhile, killed off half of the alignments and got rid of the Great Wheel. Planescape was predicated on the alignment system (and, in fact, was a giant middle finger to everyone who ever said alignments are an impediment to great roleplaying.) And of course, without the Great Wheel, the setting just doesn’t exist.

  1. Never did play Planescape: Torment, due to generally being involved in other things than D&D when it came out. Must correct that some day, though cant alone makes me avoid most things Planescape.

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