2 thoughts on “Something Awful on original D&D art

  1. The take-home message is an interesting perspective:

    Zack: [Gygax is] gone now, Steve, but his spirit lives on in the exciting new 4th Edition of- I can’t even type that out. Does anyone play that?

    Steve: It’s pretty fun.

    Steve: For stupid babies.

    Zack: I would imagine Gygax had his detractors back in the day.

    Steve: Gygax didn’t have 50 writers and 100 artists and color printing. He just went out there and said, hey, here’s how you subdue a dragon and sell it as a slave. Here’s what a robot is doing in a fantasy game. Deal with it. I made it up, deal with it.

    Zack: And now a committee has designed everything.

    Steve: The stupid baby committee.

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