Who is Goody White?

prototype cover art for Goody White's Book of Folk Magic

Goodwife Elizabeth White was born in 1640 in a small village with a lot of people struggling to wrest a living from the reluctant soil. In her many years on this earth she collected many helpful bits of knowledge that make village life safer, simpler, and more successful. Eventually she wrote down this lore in a book, Goody White’s Book of Folk Magic, so she could pass it on to a worthy successor.

And as a Kickstarter project in July, I’m going to “translate” that book into game terms for the Pathfinder RPG (and perhaps another game system as well): as spells, witch hexes, and rituals (that even non-spellcasters can learn).

2 thoughts on “Who is Goody White?

  1. This is AWESOME news! I really enjoyed the more “traditional” component-based approach in the Player’s Companion: Alchemy Manual and Necromancers of the Northwest’s Herb-books! Will these feature incantations? Superstitions with minor rules benefits? A Herbarium? Color me excited!!!

    • If Goody White’s text includes that sort of thing (and some of her notes do) and there is room to fit that on the page along with the PF spell, hex, and ritual, then I’m including it in this book, yes. :)

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