Numeria, Iron Gods, Minis, and Maps

If you’re planning on running the Iron Gods adventure path from Paizo, and you’re into using miniatures in your gaming, you’re probably going to plan ahead for some weirdness, as (from what I hear) that adventure path mixes magic and technology in a very Thundarr the Barbarian/Expedition to the Barrier Peaks sort of way. I’m in the process of updating the miniatures listings on my etsy store, and the following items might be useful to people needing weird semi-technological minis for that AP:


alien birthing pods

cyborg zombies

mutated gnome with a multibarreled gun

Napoleonesque mutant gnome with big pistol

mutant gnome in flying machine

freaky mutated guy

fleshwarped drow alchemist/surgeon

drow with grafted biological arm weapon

mutated orc with mask and scary face

slime monsters

bronze golem or robot

green-skinned cultist priests

woman with machine pistols

woman with a rocket launcher

mutated tentacle bird monster

mutated bug monster

AND I posted a bunch of my spare flip-mats for cheap! Help me get rid of this stuff!

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