Goody White Milestone, New PDF Announcements

prototype cover art for Goody White's Book of Folk MagicGoody White Milestone

My kickstarter campaign for Goody White’s Book of Folk Magic has one week left and is about $50 away from its $5,000 stretch goal (16 more pages of spells). Woo!

(Did I mention that the Magic Portrait backer level includes having a professional artist sketch you or your character, and that sketch goes in the book as a notable witch who taught Goody White one of her spells?)

The next stretch goal after this is $6,000 for an additional 16 pages presenting mythic and Numenera/The Strange versions of all 45 spells in the book.

SKRG logoNew PDF Announcements

I’ve updated my Coming Soon page with links about some upcoming PDFs I’m working on, including a secret project that I’m announcing August 15th (at Gen Con).


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