Goody White update: 16 More Pages, Next Stretch Goal Announced

Goody White's Book of Folk Magic

cover art

Goody White’s Book of Folk Magic has hit its $5,000 stretch goal, adding 16 additional pages of folk magic spells to the PDF and print book.

Next up is the $6,000 stretch goal to add another 16 pages for mythic (a la Paizo’s Mythic Adventures) and Cypher system (for Numenera and The Strange from Monte Cook Games). With just one week to go before the kickstarter campaign ends, it’ll be a close call whether we make it or not. Cmon, Numenera/The Strange fans, you can make this happen!

The stretch goal after that is at $7,500, and adds another 16 pages to the PDF and book, this time with Pathfinder RPG stat blocks of “cunning folk” NPCs. These low-level practitioners of various kinds of folk magic are useful background NPCs, early mentors for PCs, and sources for PCs learning other folk remedies.

Also mentioned in the update, but unrelated to the Goody White project, is that my awesome gamer wife Jodi was accepted into law school today. Congratulations, Jodi!!! I’m proud of you!

See the update for full details.


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