Sean’s RPG Design Classes now available

I’ve added tickets for my RPG wondrous item and monster design class to my Etsy store. Classes are currently available for September and October 2014.

The two-week class is $50. Here’s what it entails.

1) You write a wondrous item for the Pathfinder RPG and send it to me.
2) I read your wondrous item, create developer notes for it, and email you these notes.
3) You and I have a live 1-hour Skype or Google Hangout chat discussing the developer notes, your wondrous item, its successes, and its problems.
4) We repeat steps 1–3 for designing a Pathfinder RPG monster.
6) I give you a week to revise your wondrous item and monster and email them to me.
7) I develop the revised wondrous item and monster and have an editor edit them.
8) I collect all the edited magic items and monsters for this cycle of the class (5 each for the September cycle), compile them into a free PDF, and publish through Sean K Reynolds Games, giving you full credit to you and the other designers in the cycle. (Note: This does NOT disqualify you from RPG Superstar!)
9) You get a copy of the compilation PDF and a digital certificate stating you have completed an RPG design course from me.

Whether you’re interested in Paizo’s RPG Superstar competition, you’re a designer who wants some behind-the-scenes information and advice about item and monster design, or you’re a GM who wants to create new stuff for your campaign, these classes can improve your design chops.

If you’ll be at Gen Con 2014, you can get an idea of the kind of topics these classes will cover by attending my free seminar on Sunday from 12 to 2 called SEM1462186 Magic and Monster Advice for RPG Superstar. Of course, the classes give you one-on-one time with me instead of the seminar’s group discussion.

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