Underground Cities are Unrealistic

Except… they’re not.

Here’s one of many underground cities (in what is now Turkey) built over 2,700 years ago. Check out the maps!

Over 280 feet deep. Sealable stone doors. Irrigation system. Ventilation shafts. Escape routes. Wells. Connections to other underground cities.

Human ingenuity and Iron Age tools built this. Without magic. So the next time some elitist poo-poos your dungeon-crawling adventures as “unrealistic,” tell them to head to Cappadocia, Turkey for a guided tour of an “unrealistic” underground city.

4 thoughts on “Underground Cities are Unrealistic

  1. Sean,
    Thanks for this awesome link! Out of random chance today I picked up one of my Dragon mags today. There’s an article on this in Dragon 201 on page 17! Worth checking out.

  2. That’s amazing. If money were no object, I’d be planning a trip there right now. One of those sites has immediately jumped to a high position on my “hope to someday visit” list. If I could arrange a day or three to be left alone with my camera (and some torches) down there, i’d be elated. Modelling an RPG adventure after the city would be cool, too.

    Thanks for pointing this out.

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