Interesting Kickstarters, September 7 Edition

Here are some more kickstarters I’m backing and think are worth looking at. :)

Sharks for Arms … a crazy adventure video game where a mad scientist has grafted sharks to your forearms and you use them to attack

Oddmall: Emporium of the Weird is a comic/game/geek/music convention/craft show/art fair run by artist and game designer Andy Hopp

Veranthea Codex is an RPG campaign setting+ for Pathfinder by Mike Myler and Rogue Genius Games

CAV: Strike Operations … Reaper Miniatures wants to release a new version of their mech combat game and cast the minis in the BONES plastic

Battle Systems fantasy dungeon terrain … clever stuff in 1.6mm cardstock

Half-Orc Adventurers … more great minis from Stonehaven Miniatures (also includes some tengu and a half-dragon!)

Cthulhu Claus Holiday Cards … mythos + holiday cards = fun!

Spirit of 77 … RPG set in an alternate 1970’s that combines over-the-top action, kung-fu films, glam music and classic sci-fi.

Remember, even contributing $1 toward a project you think is cool can really help it succeed. Here’s a great article explaining why.

Thanks, and have fun!

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