New Blog Site, Playing With Classes, Kickstarter Update

Here’s some news about this blog and Five Moons RPG!

1) I’m in the process of migrating my Five Moons RPG blog posts from here over to the new Five Moons RPG blog! I’ll still be posting all the usual stuff here (and linking Five Moons RPG blog posts over there to here), so this blog isn’t going away. :)

2) On that site I just posted an overview of how classes work in Five Moons RPG.

3) Earlier today I posted an update to the Five Moons kickstarter campaign, answering some questions about reward levels, add-ons, monster stat blocks, and the unused stretch goal “dungeon map.” (In that update I also promised a blog post about crits, which I’ll be mriting to later today.)

4) I also changed the “GM’s Favorite” backer reward level on the kickstarter from a limited number available to unlimited. So, if you wanted that reward but they were sold out before, they aren’t now.

5)  Five Moons RPG now has its own Twitter account and I’ll be posting news about the RPG there.

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Five Moons RPG cover

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