Interesting Kickstarters, October 9 Edition

Here are some more kickstarters I’m backing and think are worth looking at. And yes, I’m a backer for all of these. :)

Fire & Bone 2: 3D-printed animal skulls created from detailed scans

Flat Plastic Miniatures: like paper minis, but printed on thick transparent plastic

Feral: an open world survival game where you play a cat

UpWorks: Modular Castle Building System: it’s like Dwarven Forge’s Master Maze, but for building castles (and it’s by the former president of Dwarven Forge)

Of course, I should mention my own active kickstarter, Five Moons RPG, which is almost funded and still has a couple of weeks to go. :)

Five Moons RPG

And some of the other kickstarters I mentioned on September 19 are still active, in particular the Demon Hunters RPG (it’ll probably hit it funding goal today, and still has a week left for stretch goals). 

Remember, even contributing $1 toward a project you think is cool can really help it succeed. Here’s a great article explaining why.

Thanks, and have fun!

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