Interesting Kickstarters, November 19 Edition

Hello! I’ve been sidelined a bit with a late deadline and (as of this weekend) a recurring computer crash, but I thought I could squeeze in a few minutes to talk about some kickstarters I’m backing.

Play Dirty 2 is a GM advice book by the talented John Wick is doing very well and has some great rewards (including the original Play Dirty)

Realms of Twilight is update and expansion of a 2010 PF-compatible campaign setting from Silver Crescent publishing

They’re adapting Matt Forbeck’s Shotguns & Sorcery novels to into an RPG setting using the Cypher System from Monte Cook Games

Realistic props for Masks of Nyarlathotep for Call of Cthulhu

Sketch Tales is a computer RPG where you draw your character–or anything–and it comes to life

I mentioned this one last time, but you really should take a look at the Puppetland reprint… it’s a creepy game from a decade ago where you play a puppet in a “world” where Punch has killed the puppet-maker and rules as a tyrant.

Remember, even contributing $1 toward a project you think is cool can really help it succeed. Here’s a great article explaining why.

Thanks, and have fun!

Dollar Bill

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