Goody White’s PDF is on sale

prototype cover art for Goody White's Book of Folk Magic

Back in August 2014, I kickstarted a little book called Goody White’s Book of Folk Magic, which has Goody White explaining (in-character) a bunch of “folk remedies,” which are then presented as PFRPG spells, witch hexes, and rituals that even non-spellcasters are able to learn.

Last month, I sent out PDF copies to the kickstarter backers. Now the PDF is on sale at!

Note: Technically, this PDF is complete at 48 pages. However, the very last stretch goal the kickstarter hit was to add 16 pages of mythic and Cypher System (Numenera, The Strange) conversions of Goody White’s folk remedies (and PF and Cypher System stat blocks for Goody White herself). I’m still in the process of writing those 16 pages (the book will be updated in February 2015). If you buy the 48-page PDF now, you’ll be able to download the 64-page version for free (like an “errata’d” version of the file) when those extra pages are added.

Note Also: When the 64-page PDF is ready, then I’ll activate print-on-demand for it and you’ll be able to purchase a print version of the book (Kickstarter backers whose rewards include a print copy won’t need to make a separate purchase, of course, that’s covered by their backer pledge).

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