Sean Reynolds’ Sword of Killing Hitler

skilled drawing of Nightblade

A few years ago I typed up Sean Reynolds’s Sword of Killing Hitler as a joke example of what NOT to do for your RPG Superstar wondrous item submission. Seriously, click through and read it.

Now I wonder… if I had a kickstarter where I designed (and edited, illustrated, and mapped) a 32-page adventure where you got to find and use this sword… would you back it? :)


(If you’re curious, here is my meta-topic of advice for round 1 of RPG Superstar, back when Round 1 was a wondrous item.)


5 thoughts on “Sean Reynolds’ Sword of Killing Hitler

  1. I remember that! I made a game out of spotting all the problems with it. My favorite is the requirement “must kill Hitler.” The sword is designed to kill Hitler, but to make the sword, you must kill Hitler first. Or the issue where why would adventurers want to travel to another world to kill a dictator they never heard of when many campaign settings have arguably worse and more powerful tyrants that not only committed crimes against humanity but also crimes against the very fabric of the multiverse?

    An adventure using it would sound like a Doctor Who episode. I imagine the problem with killing Hitler isn’t merely killing him, but dealing with a world that hasn’t learned the costly lessons of World War II.

  2. Or how about writing part of the scenario dealing with the paradox of needing to kill Hitler to make the sword of Hitler Killing. So you gotta go back to WWI to kill a nascent Hitler (perhaps in jail?) but all that does is create an alternate time-line without Hitler, but now that you have the all-powerful sword of Hitler-slaying you need to find your way back to the original timeline where Hitler exists still, and slay him with the sword that will sever his thread from the tapestry entirely. Which in-and-of itself is a moral conundrum.

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