President’s Day Video Chat Feb 16 10pm ET

I’m doing a video chat with Louis Porter, Jr. in about 30 minutes on Google+, here is the link! There will be an open question portion and I’m on cold medicine right now so I’ll have no filter and the answers will probably be very interesting…

Update: The video chat is over! You can watch the recorded video here on Louis Porter’s YouTube channel. :)

Designer Talk

Designer Talk


7 thoughts on “President’s Day Video Chat Feb 16 10pm ET

  1. I felt your mention of Quadratic Wizards/Linear Warriors, while mostly accurate, is perhaps forgetting something. That is, after awhile, Wizards don’t even run out of stuff to do necessarily, before their encounter quota for the day is done. Casters anchoring people to rest seems to be popular, as lot of people play the lowest levels of 1-5th, and while 6th+ is that “sweet spot” its not as popular Thus making the idea of casters not running out of ammo before 4/encounters per day (as expected by the Encounter system) as well known.

    You said can’t really measure Cleric healing to “damage” cleric, or referring to a self-buffing Cleric (Persistent-Divine Metamatic & such). Which, the simple nature of healing is numerical, so from simple mathematical comparions, that can in fact be measured in respect to expected encounters lethality. Aside from that, the capability of those two are compared to how they perform in encounters, and not just numerical comparisons. Self-buffing clerics help end fights faster, so that less monsters get to act to do harm to the party (overall, less healing, restorations, etc. being needed afterwards). Whereas Healing Clerics pro-longing fights, or not removing targets from the fight, where they’re either possibly mitigating last turns offenses, or not going far enough fighting an uphill battle. Like the Evocation Wizard, quite likely they’re even spending more resources to do what they were doing for similar gain the self-buffing one did, or lesser gain (then making the investment inferior if ye spend more to do less overall).

    These things have been measured extensively in the past, and seem to be a reality of the games ruleset. Whether they should be or not, is in part what houserules, and/or a new game are all about. So I know ye intend to fix that kind of thing in Five Moons, and I continue to look forward to how that turns out.

    Overall, a nice video giving old info to people may not been tracking Five Moons since the beginning, though I was sad there wasn’t too much new information unfortunately (though by all means, anyone correct, and inform me if feel otherwise).

  2. I had fun watching the recording of that session.

    1) That’s a rather unfortunate thing with the FAQs. It bothers me that they put you in that position and that now the FAQs are a largely empty place.

    2) Everytime I hear “Waterballoon Mastery,” I think of a refluffed alchemist that throws sheep bladders filled with liquid that becomes scolding hot when exposed to the air. Just recently, someone posted an idea for an alchemist archetype that reflavors the alchemist as a baker that throws exploding pies!

    3) To me, a big looming issue with the crossbow thing stems from the lack of variety in ranged weaponry. Either you use a bow or you use a ranged weapon that’s more annoying to build, less fun to use, and runs counter to what the game expects from a fighting character. Slings have bad feat support. Nearly all martial ranged weapons are thrown weapons, which WBL and other factors make rather cumbersome. Cardslinging and firearms (as flawed as they are) do help, though.

    4) Concerning PFS, tabletop gaming is a social experience heavily influenced by the kind of people you spend time with. Unless you have a regular PFS group, you’re playing with strangers all with different play styles. I feel thankful that my first PFS game grouped me with three cool guys that roleplayed with me at the start of the game.

    5) Some ACG classes, especially the ones you designed, seemed like they possessed a lot of “hidden power.” They might appear underwhelming at a glance because of less wordcount and quantity of class features, but are quite powerful and interesting when under consideration. The brawler is an excellent example. She has the lowest wordcount out of the classes, but Martial Flexibility is a powerful and fun ability that greatly changes the way a player builds and plays the class. One can easily overlook the fact they can get fighter and monk feats, among the best combat feats in the game. I thought about this when one person asked about slayer talents.

    6) As another wizard versus fighter issue, it appears that the logic behind feat tax lies with barring wizards and clerics from combat feats? Because they lack the bonus feats martial classes get? However, clerics and wizards typically aren’t interested in most non-spellcasting feats anyway, with exception to easily obtained staples like Power Attack. So it ends up hurting the fighter more than hindering other classes from stepping on their toes.

    7) The thing with Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance fans not wanting content from the other baffles me, too. I feel the same way with Numeria content. Even if Numeria isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, the Technology Guide still has plenty of fascinating stuff that anyone could reflavor for their campaign. Who’s to say that graviton generator isn’t something like the Eye of Magnus from Skyrim?

    8) I think people ask your opinion on Spheres of Power because it has similar goals and approach to powers as Five Moons. Spheres of Power is a Pathfinder magic system that replaces Vancian spellcasting with at-will powers that can be augmented with a resource pool. My favorite aspect of it involves Casting Traditions, which provide GMs (and players with GM permission) the crunch to dictate how magic works in their campaign setting.

    9) I’m writing a race book I wish to self-publish sometime after I finish grad school, and I’m honestly having fun brainstorming how its racial traits would work in Five Moons. I’d love to add a Five Moons conversion when I publish the book and when Five Moons is fair enough.

    • 1) Thanks. Yeah. :/
      2) That’s a perfectly valid idea, they just aren’t waterballons filled with *water.* :)
      3) I agree. Five Moons will have “strength” addons for bows *and* crossbows for doing extra damage.
      4) You’re lucky. And yeah… one bad experience with a group can turn someone off of tabletop gaming entirely.
      5) Hidden power, eh? Does that make me… the Hidden Master? :)
      6) Could be. BAB requirements also play into that, mainly because it’s a 3Eism that “level has no in-world meaning.” In-game, you can’t measure what level someone is (except in a few rare cases like soul gems), but you can measure their Str, their BAB, and so on… so the game uses BAB to mean “fighters can get this before other types of classes.” And yes, the feat trees hurt the fighter (and other martial classes) by forcing specialization and limitations.
      7) Exactamundo. :)
      8) I think others have recommended it to me.
      9) I look forward to it. :)

      • 3) Stat-to-damage for crossbows, too? That’s pretty fantastic. For a game where much of your power relies on your ability scores, it feels really awful to use any weapon that does not allow you to add an ability score modifier to its damage rolls.

        5) Even your Stealth bonuses have Stealth bonuses!

        Thanks for taking the time to respond!

  3. I don’t know why, but I find it somewhat funny that two days after you talk about FAQs and the community’s investment towards them in this interview, the design team at Paizo released a FAQ that reverted the ruling on SLAs counting as spellcasting for prestige class and feat requirements.

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