Paizo Deity Article Easter Eggs


Over the past few weeks I’ve been posting easter eggs about the various god articles I wrote for the Paizo adventure paths; this info appeared on my Facebook fan page and Twitter, but just in case you don’t read those, I’m reposting them here.

2/5 Abadar: The planar ally Ghost of Malthus is based on Thomas Robert Malthus.

2/6 Nethys: Planar ally Takaral is based on Takral Two-Bones, a lich NPC I wrote for Skreyn’s Register: The Bonds of Magic.

2/9 Irori: Planar ally Fasting was intended to remind you of a githzerai.

2/10 Shelyn: “Love does not delight in evil.” 1 Corinthians 13:6.   “The greatest of all things is love.” 1 Corinthians 13:13.

2/11 Milani: “Humanity is at its very best when things are at their worst” is inspired by a Starman movie quote.

2/12 Cayden Cailean: original name for his 3.5E prestige class was “Most Excellent Courageous Knights of Ale and Wine.”

2/13 Besmara: Her aphorisms are based on actual Earth pirate code.

2/16 Calistria: The myth about the Blooded is based on the ven race from John Wick’s game

2/17 Sarenrae: The planar allies Bryla, Charlabu, and Mystmorning are named for and inspired by three pets I used to have.

2/18 Gorum: The planar ally Bloody Hands is supposed to remind you of a red slaad.

2/19 Frost giant deity Thremyr: named after Þrymr, a giant king in Norse myth, and based on Ymir, Norse giant progenitor.

2/20 Brigh: Planar ally Karapek was originally Capek, named after Karel Čapek, who invented the word “robot.”

2/23 Milani: “hope—courage of the heart—is a source of incredible power.”—inspired by Secret of NIMH

2/24 Iomedae: The planar ally Jingh (and all iophanites) are based on the “burning wheel” ophanim angels from Abrahimic religions

2/25 Calistria: Planar ally Tordurbar’s appearance is based on the hormads from Edgar Rice Burroughs’s The Master Mind of Mars

2/26 Naderi: Based on Shakespeare’s characters Juliet and Ophelia. Clues: dead young lovers, dagger, soaking wet.

2/27 Gods and Magic/Gyronna: The garment named “shabble” is something I made up, combining “shabby” and “hobble.”

3/2 Zon-Kuthon: Joyful Thing inspired by a horror short story, a cult believes amputation intensifies remaining sensation.

3/3 Calistria: The planar ally Threv is supposed to remind you of a gray slaad.

3/4 Lamashtu: Uzuzap was added in development to replace my evil-flipped hound archon called the Prince of Madness.

3/5 Brigh’s planar ally Salometa was originally Salomea, the middle name of Marie Curie.

3/6 Cayden Cailean: My original herald was Great Thunder, progenitor of the cayhounds, but Paizo already had Thais in the works to be herald.

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One thought on “Paizo Deity Article Easter Eggs

  1. And then there’s an accidental easter egg you probably don’t know about.

    A few years before you got around to write the official word on Milani, I wrote an article on her and then her herald in two issues of Wayfinder, and as it turns out both heralds wear thorn crowns.

    It amuses me, at least.

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