Legal Discrimination in Indiana

#whereAmIAllowedToEat … Imagine if you could be kicked out of a restaurant because the owner had a religious objection to you. Not because you’re Jewish, or Muslim, or black, or a woman, but because you’re gay.

The Indiana legislature passed a bill called the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which (if signed by the governor, who has stated that he will do so) allows businesses to refuse to serve same-sex couples if the owners have a religious objection to homosexuality. Which is legalized discrimination against gay people.

Welcome to the civil rights movement, 1950.

My friend Leah is rallying people to protest this law. Here is her post on Facebook about it and here is her Twitter post about it.

Today I’ll be calling various Indiana businesses about whether they support this bill, and I’ll also be calling the governor’s office. Please follow #whereAmIAllowedToEat and support this cause.

If you’re in Columbus, Indiana on Wednesday, March 25, 2015, we’re having a rally at the corner of 3rd and Washington Street, meeting at 11:15am.

Update: GenCon has posted the letter they sent to the IN governor, suggesting he reconsider his support of the bill and you can see their official tweet about it here (please retweet and favorite this tweet!).

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6 thoughts on “Legal Discrimination in Indiana

  1. We also have this going Office of the Governor is located at 200 W. Washington St., Rm. 206, Indianapolis, IN 46204 Write to the Governor with a post card with the Statement Don’t Sign SB101 it will hurt jobs and business in Indy. “You mess with one of us you mess with all of us.” sign and return address

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  3. As a Christian I am saddened at this sort of legislation. Nowhere in the scriptures does it tell us to treat others this way. Be Kind … do unto others … these are what Jesus taught and what we all should have learn as children. Discrimination is not a Christian concept. It is a hatefult thing that has no place amongst the civilized.

  4. I can understand the reasoning behind this legislation. The social politics of our country currently exists in an awkward state. I’m happy our society frowns upon infringing the rights of those with different orientations. However, reverse discrimination gravely concerns me. We live in a society where people will cry discrimination and cause riots because a police officer had to shoot a black man in the line of duty. Where a Christian church can get sued for refusing to marry a gay couple. I’ve personally been called many horrible names simply because I’m a Christian.

    However, I find such a law rather deplorable. I’m with Joe in this. Jesus teaches us to not be a jerk, even to people we disagree with or don’t like us.

    Since it looks like the bill has been signed by now, I hope the law isn’t as bad as they say. I haven’t been able to see the specifics of it.

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