Jim Ward hospitalized, let’s send him cards

You’ve heard of Jim Ward. He designed the Metamorphosis Alpha game. He co-designed the original Gamma World game. He co-designed the 1e Deities & Demigods book. And the 1E Greyhawk Adventures book. And he designed the Spellfire card game. (On a personal note, he was also my boss for my first two years at TSR.)

And he’s Drawmij. Yes, that Drawmij. “Drawmij” = “J I M W A R D” spelled backwards.

So you know who I’m talking about.

He went to the hospital this week to deal with a diabetic ulcer, but it turns out to have been worse than expected (it’s infected) and they’ve kept him overnight the last couple of nights. They don’t expect that he’ll lose any toes, but he’s on a lot of medication, they’re carefully monitoring his heart (he’s had heart issues before), and he’s feeling glum about his health and missing some upcoming deadlines.

If you get a chance, please send him a postcard or a card to lift his spirits. The address is:

Patient James Ward

St. Luke’s

2900 W Oklahoma Ave

Milwaukee, WI 53215

(no room number, as they might change what room he’s in)



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