Knight Arms Game Store in Stillwater, OK

(One of the backer rewards for my Goody White’s Book of Folk Magic kickstarter was for game stories, in which I write an article about their store for my site. Thanks to Paul DeMars, owner of Knight Arms Game Store for answering my questions!)

Knight Arms Game Store
221 S Perkins Road
Stillwater, OK 74074

How long has your store been around?

We opened in Feb 2004

How long have you been running a store?

It’s been my store from the very start.

What games do you stock?

Basically anything non-electronic—board games, card games, role playing games, miniature games, and plenty of gaming supplies.

How knowledgeable are your staff about the games? Are they able to talk about the positive aspects of many games, even games they personally don’t prefer?

Very knowledgeable! Everyone involved in the store are life-long gamers, and we demo tons of new games so we can discuss our perceptions, both positive and negative.

Any other gamer-friendly things you carry, like comics, gaming fiction, dice, movies, anime, or action figures?

Our next door neighbor is Legendary Comics, run by a great friend of mine. Thus, we don’t do anything comic oriented. We don’t have many collectibles either, but we certainly can get them for interested customers.

Do you carry miniatures and miniatures supplies?

Yes. Our main line is Reaper Miniatures, but we also carry the prepainted WizKids lines for Pathfinder and D&D. We have several talented painters on staff that will paint on commission, plus we sell paints, brushes, and building supplies.

Additionally we have a great following for Warmachine/Hordes and growing support for Age of Sigmar. We have a full line of Games Workshop and Privateer Press miniatures. We also carry the Star Wars games from Fantasy Flight.

Are you female-friendly? Gay-friendly? Kid-friendly? Newbie-friendly?

If you are interested in games, we’re friendly.

Do you have space set aside for gaming? Is it set aside from the retail area or in open view? Is it first-come, first-served, or can you reserve the space? Do you have scheduled times for organized play events for D&D, Pathfinder, or other games?

We have a weekly schedule with certain games being played in our game area. We have another bay attached to the retail space dedicated for gaming. The play area is reserved first for the scheduled system, but open for pick-up games if there is room. We host a large group for Pathfinder Society and D&D Adventurer’s League. We also host plenty of Magic: The Gathering events such as Friday Night Magic, pre-releases, and other organized MtG events.

Do you sell snacks?

Yes—soda, water, candy, chips, and other snacks.

Are you close to other convenient gamer-critical retailers like a pizza place?

We are in a strip mall with an awesome Chinese and BBQ restaurant. We are on a major road with plenty of other dining options a few blocks away.

Is your store clean?


Will you do special orders?


What do you do to go out of your way to make gamers feel welcome at your store?

We talk to them! It’s sometimes hard because many gamers tend to be introverts, but even the most introverted gamer opens up when we start discussing their passions.

What are your requirements for your employees?

Work hard, be friendly, no drugs, know games, and be honest to a fault.

What events does your store host, and how often?

I’d probably run out of room trying to list everything. Major games played are Magic, D&D, Pathfinder, and Warmachine/Hordes. Each week night we focus on a particular game, and each Saturday has a focused game.

Are you open to holding special events such as an RPG art exhibit for local artists, or a dinner-game experience?

I would love to expand to also include a full service restaurant. We would love to host anything game-related.

Do you have a loyalty program or other incentives for people to shop in your store instead of online?

We have a membership card that gives a 5% discount.

Is there a gaming club that’s active at your store?

As above—Pathfinder Society, D&D Adventurer’s League, Friday Night Magic, and Warmachine/Hordes.

Is there a contact board for finding games and other players?


What obscure products do you have hidden away for browsing customers to find?

Come down and find out!


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