Interesting Kickstarters, March 12 Edition

(Yes, I’m a backer!)

Just a few of kickstarters I want to talk about (and all of them are already funded!).



John Wick’s 7th Sea 2nd edition kickstarter was funded almost immediately and I think it’s actually broken records for RPG kickstarter funding goals. 31 hours to go, you still have time to back this project.

Worlds of the Cypher System from Monte Cook Games is three full campaign settings for their Cypher System (the same system used in Numenera and The Strange), including one setting where you play time travelers stranded in the Cretaceous period shortly before the asteroid wipes out all the dinosaurs.

Crisis of the World-Eater from Louis Porter Jr. Design is a PF-compatible adventure where you have to stop a Galactus-like entity from destroying the world.

Dwarven Forge’s Castles will let you build castles and fortresses with Dwarven Forge stuff, and of course it’s compatible with all other DF pieces.

Remember, even contributing $1 toward a project you think is cool can really help it succeed. Here’s a great article explaining why.

Thanks, and have fun!

Dollar Bill

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