Patreon for Sean?

As my contract at Wizards of the Coast draws to a close, I’m looking at other options to take care of the bills, and one of the things I’m considering is having a Patreon. I’ve been wanting to push my creativity in different ways, and having a Patreon-style setup would definitely motivate me to create new things on a regular basis.

I’m thinking I’d set it up for monthly content (although ideally I’d want to post something new every two weeks, even if it’s just a small update). Here are a bunch of ideas on the agenda.

  • New game content, whether PF, 5E, or Five Moons (often all of the above); if I plan to release this content outside the patreon, patrons would have early access to it.
  • Art (by me or someone else), including new takes on classic monsters, and stat blocks for them
  • A painted mini or terrain piece (like something from Dwarven Forge), which I’d give away to someone at a specific patronage level.
  • A page from a graphic novel I’m working on (which might be text-only fiction for some parts, based on artist availability)
  • A blog or vlog with stories about TSR or Wizards, or behind-the-scenes info about various projects I’ve worked on
  • Interviews with other people in the game industry
  • Terrain-making tutorials
  • Miniatures-painting tutorials
  • Easy cooking videos for game night dinners and snacks
  • Recipes and tutorials for fun gaming-themed snacks and treats
  • Parody songs about gaming
  • Previews of upcoming one-shot projects I’m tinkering with like a card game, a board game, or self-contained adventure
  • Movie reviews and how to use the movie’s concepts to inspire a game plot
  • Answering rules questions, just based on my own experience and a certain amount of snark
  • Convention reviews

Are there any other kinds of things that you’d like to see from me in a Patreon project? Let me know in the comments.


Patreon logo

Patreon logo

7 thoughts on “Patreon for Sean?

  1. I’ve seen companies produce content for Pathfinder using Patreon. People pay a subscription and they release new Pathfinder content every week or so. Seemed pretty cool, but I’d be worried about sustainability. Even if it was a “pay on deliverable” set up, I’d still feel disappointed to see gradual delays in content when your contract work picks up, but that’s me feeling the sting of the Five Moons radio silence!

    Regardless, I think you can come up with something cool. I do like some of your ideas there, even the simple things like a weekly AMA about certain topics.

    When I work on self-publish projects, I often wish I could ask you a question from one inexperienced designer to a veteran designer. My circle of peers is limited, and their experience usually lies outside of the types of content I work on. It would be very inconsiderate of me to ask a professional for even a minor form of consultation without compensation. As a result, a Patreon where you host occasional QA sessions where I can ask questions sounds very appealing to me. Even general questions like, “What’s your thought process when you begin designing X type of content?”

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